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The more disruptive the software landscape changes, the more important stable partnerships become: our expert knowledge in software development makes your business case a success. With advice, action and highly skilled software engineers, we are your innovation and implementation partner in the digital transformation. Long-term, transparent and in reliable.

Your goal is our benchmark
Business Applications

Your business case is unique. Your software solution should be too. In consultation with you, we develop exactly the solution you need to map your use case in the best possible way. Our expertise with...

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Maintenance and extensions

We age and so does software. Put existing software in trustworthy hands with us. Legacy systems have often grown over the years. The architecture is correspondingly complex and the technologies used a...

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality assurance plays a significant role in every software development project. In addition to defining and documenting what "quality" means in detail in your software project, we create detailled c...

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IT support

Even after the development of your software, you are in good hands with us. Depending on the agreement, our IT support is the first point of contact for your company during operation. The employees an...

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Project CycleThe project is completed when it works for you on its own and you do not need to interfere.
1. What problem should be solved?

Let's talk about your challenges. The basis for every project is the goal, the use case, the business case. The more precisely we understand your challenges and the framework conditions of the project, the better we can advise you. Even though the workshop culture has suffered under Corona, we recommend meeting in person in Bratislava for a "discovery" and getting to know each other. This is not a prerequisite for a successful cooperation, but it makes a difference

2. Concept phase and models of collaboration

After we have understood what you want to achieve, we discuss the appropriate business model and the further (methodological) procedure with you. Whether we recommend a dedicated team, whether we develop your software together with you in mixed teams, or whether you only need selective support within the framework of our expert services: We will always find the right set-up for you. Depending on the complexity of the application and the maturity of any existing specification, this is a good time for a proof of concept or MVP planning or even an initial cost estimate.

3. Project specification

We develop proposals on how to get to your goal. This includes discussing the project processes, distribution of roles, responsibilities, team composition and working methods. Technical dependencies are clarified. We know the budget and timings. (We like to work agile according to Scrum, but we also work according to other methods if they are goal-oriented).

4. Draft/ Backlog

After analysing the requirements, determining the scope and functions, we create a technical and/or graphic design for you, or work together with you on the backlog for the first sprints.

5. Programming

Here we go: We have clarified the pros and cons of individual programming languages and frameworks with you and "composed" them for your application. We start the development and regularly coordinate interim results with you.

6. Testing, feedback and optimisation

What doesn't fit is made to fit: We carry out tests during implementation and regularly incorporate your feedback. Through rapid iterations, we get better and better together and the software matures to perfection.

7. Rollout

Your application or system is ready or an MVP can be used by the first users. What remains is the go-live.

8. Monitoring, evaluation and improvement

Every product is exposed to complex loads in a real environment within diverse application scenarios. That's why we monitor each application, tune improvements and troubleshoot in the weeks that follow.

9. Enhancement

Usually, a backlog of ideas is created even before the system goes live. Further features or the use of other technologies for certain applications are on the roadmap. Together with you, we plan the continuous optimisation of your product.

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